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Purchasing and New Business Assistant Manager
Kitchen center

Presentation Person and Company:
I work in the Purchasing Area of ​​the Kitchen Center company.

How did they create the Forecast before OP Wiser?
This was done in an Excel manually.

What problems caused this way of working thinking about the purchase and projection and Inventory?
* It was a manual process, so we made a lot of mistakes.
* Product breaks were not isolated, causing the forecast to be overestimated or overestimated.
* The price variation of the products (average price) was not considered, so there were products that were only sold in liquidation and we kept buying them.

How did OP Wiser help these problems?
OP Wiser helped make the process faster and friendlier.
It allowed us to see in an easier way the horizontal stock of each sku and the projection of breakages, making us anticipate a good moment to make the corresponding purchase.

Would you recommend OP Wiser?
Yes, since it is a tool that helps to facilitate the purchase process in a more automatic way, making fewer mistakes.
It helps us to have a more optimal management of the stock, since it helps us to buy what is really needed.