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Presentation Person and Company:
Ethon is a 15-year-old company in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing pharmaceutical products and supplies.

How were Forecasts created before OP Wiser?

Before working with OPwiser there was no formal Forecast, sales history was used and sales were projected. For those relevant suppliers, a Consensus Forecast was worked on.

What problems caused this way of working thinking about the purchase and projection and Inventory?

The risk of overstocking of some products or bankruptcy due to underestimating sales, given that when making the purchase decision based on sales history, we left out these relevant variations in some months. If the seasonality of the products had movements such as being ahead of their season or late, we were not able to react in time.

How did OP Wiser help these problems?

By implementing “automatic” forecasts, forecast deviations vs. actual sales decreased considerably, compared to the old methodology. Reduction of overstock and improvement of service on demand.
Also by giving better follow-up and corrections to the forecast, we had a considerable reduction in the time for the execution of purchases, and access to complete and clear reporting information.

How has the Supplier B2B developed by OPwiser helped you?

B2B was requested from OPWISER to make a difference with the rest of the players in the market, positioning ourselves as a Distributor at the forefront of information delivery.

Would you recommend OPwiser?

It has helped us in these more than 2 years to improve certain key points in the Supply Chain area.
We hope to have instances of attractive proposals towards us to implement some new process.