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Presentation Person and Company:
I work in the purchasing area of ​​the Duschy company

How did they create the Forecast before OP Wiser?
This was done manually in Excel. Where it took us a week to gather the information and then in a purchasing meeting that took us two days.

What problems caused this way of working thinking about the purchase and projection and Inventory?

  • It caused numerous errors in the information presented, which required modifications during meetings and was time consuming.
  • Product breaks were not adequately identified, which led to overestimating or underestimating the forecast.
  • The price variation of the products (average price) was not considered, which resulted in the continuous purchase of products on sale.

How did OP Wiser help these problems?
OP Wiser has optimized the process, making it more agile and user-friendly. It facilitated the visualization of the horizontal stock of each SKU and the projection of bankruptcies, allowing us to anticipate the right moment to make the corresponding purchases.

Would you recommend OP Wiser?
I would definitely recommend OP Wiser, as it is a tool that automates and streamlines the purchasing process, significantly reducing errors. In addition, it helps us manage stock more efficiently, buying only what is really needed.