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Our service is divided into 3 large modules, where we cover the different areas of the Supply Chain:

Demand Planning:

Through our WOP Platform we create highly accurate Forecasts for each code or combination, which after a commercial adjustment with the client we call Consensus Forecasts. All this information can be viewed with a complete Radar Control, which allows you to analyze Forecasts, Sales and Inventory Dashboards.

Supply Planning:

After a Consensual Forecast, we consider the inventory status and parameters (MOQ, Leadtimes), business rules, restrictions (warehouse and Picking capacities) and customer variables and for this purpose propose a Service Level by code segment that gives as The result is an optimal Purchasing and/or Production plan.

Supply Planning:

After Consensus Forecasts we consider the status of the inventory and parameters (MOQ, Leadtimes), business rules, restrictions (warehouse and Picking capacities) and variables of the client and then we propose a Service Level by segment of code that results in an optimal Purchasing and/or Production plan

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We deliver Distribution Suggestion to stores or branches based on highly granular Forecast, so that you can have the right inventory, in the right place and time based on your capabilities and parameters.

Solution demand planning supply planning Replenishment
Initial diagnostic
Accompaniment of Forecaster/Planner OP Wiser 10 hours/month 20 hours/month 20 hours/month
Protocols Connection
Integration a Data Source
Integration plus Data Sources (GBB)
Data Cleansing
Armed Database Minable
Selection Parameters Forecast
ABC/XYZ SKU segmentation
Creation of Forecast AI 1 level MONTH/WEEK
Creation of Forecast AI 2 level -
Adjustment by Marketing Plan (promotions and advertising)
Consensus Forecast Delivery
BI Visibility KPI/Dashboards (15)
Parameterization supply chain -
Service level definition by Code -
Suggested Purchase - -
Suggested Production - -
Suggested replacement - -
Allocation New products (by attributes) -
supply plan -
inventory plan -
Demand Plan -
Shopping maximization algorithm - -
5 hrs per month for New Developments -
System Maintenance
24/7 monitoring service upload data and operation
B2B customer connection (5 UF MONTH per portal)
Custom Dashbords construction (1,5 UF per hour)


We have clients in more than 20 industries, during these 7 years we have managed to understand their particularities or pains:

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Automotive Parts

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Hardware Materials Distribution

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Distribution Durable Goods

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Packaging and Packaging Production

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Personal Care Distribution

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