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About us

We are OP Wiser, part of the Biwiser Group and we are dedicated to optimizing Supply Chain planning. With our WOP Platform, we are able to predict future demand and improve the efficiency of your supply chain. You will have full visibility online of your supply KPI's

The correct inventory
in the right place
at the perfect time

Our Customers

“Our mission is to accelerate and accompany our clients in the process of reaching Supply Chain 4.0”

Paul Palavecino

CEO – Co-founder OP Wiser

OP Wiser is part of the Biwiser Group, which was born in 2015 through the union of a group of friends from the business world and Business Intelligence who had the common goal of helping companies to visualize their management information and make management decisions. timely manner.

At Biwiser Group, through our BI Analytics platforms, we provide the different areas of organizations with all the information they need to make decisions. Today we have more than 150 clients from various industries such as distributors, mass consumption, retail, pharmaceuticals, among others.

of success

Niels Sorensen

Glam&CO General Manager

Niels explains how, working with OP Wiser for more than 3 years, he managed to go from intuition based Forecasts to receiving accurate Forecasts, supply and distribution suggestions.

He found friendly dashboards at the user level that allow a greater range of indicators, in addition to excellent service.

Natalie Nussbaum

KOMAX Business Planning Manager

Natalia explains how working for 6 years with OP Wiser, they went from manual Forecast and replenishment processes to stores, where they could not reach the level of detail they wanted, to have an automated and digitized process.

The correct inventory
in the right place
at the perfect time