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Success Stories

Manage the optimal Inventory with assertive Forecast

Review some of our Success Stories where we support some of our partners by delivering Assertive and highly granular Forecasts so that they can make the best decisions with them. We have clients in different countries from different industries and different types of business, but all with a common problem: wasting a lot of time planning the supply chain without achieving the best results.

Niels Sorensen

Glam&CO General Manager

Niels explains how, working with OP Wiser for more than 3 years, he managed to go from intuition based Forecasts to receiving accurate Forecasts, supply and distribution suggestions.

He found friendly dashboards at the user level that allow a greater range of indicators, in addition to excellent service.

Natalie Nussbaum

KOMAX Business Planning Manager

Natalia explains how working for 6 years with OP Wiser, they went from manual Forecast and replenishment processes to stores, where they could not reach the level of detail they wanted, to have an automated and digitized process.